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Why Alivia Technology?

The key to a successful analytics strategy is in finding the delicate balance between analytics and technology. Individuals possessing both the analytic capabilities and the programming skills to utilize the current group of powerful analytic applications are both rare and expensive. How do you answer the need for rich analytic results on which analysts can effectively and efficiently apply their skills?  Alivia does it  by building the complexity into its  application, Absolute Insight, which delivers to the analyst data that is that informs them and allows them to apply their analytic skills to generate actionable results.  Absolute Insight is like having a Data Scientist in a Box!

Why Absolute Insight?

Absolute Insight harnesses the power of distributed technologies, machine learning, and predictive analytics to address real business issues and challenges, specifically in the areas of risk identification, fraud detection, and visualization.

  • Absolute Insight provides a state of the art analytic capabilities

  • Absolute Insight  Provides statistical, cognitive, and predictive analytics

  • Insightful visualizations

  • Absolute Insight produces actionable analytic results

  • Absolute Insight is a data scientist in a box



Our Principals and Consultants have worked with the following organizations

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • State Street
  • Fidelity
  • Citi Bank
  • JP Morgan
  • IBM
  • Putman Investments

Looking for a Smarter way to Identify Fraud, Waste and Abuse?

Alivia Technology offers predictive and cognitive analytics to identify risk, fraud, waste and abuse within the health care community. Absolute Insight is our product that allows you to easily connect to both internal and third party data sources, and to employ state of the art predictive and cognitive technologies to identify the hidden risk bearing patterns of transactions and behaviors within the data. Absolute Insight displays these results with clear, meaningful and actionable visualizations.

Alivia and its staff are dedicated to simplifying the analytic process by building the science into the platform and letting the analysts do what they do best…analyze, identify, and thwart fraudulent behavior within the healthcare industry.

Alivia has a team of talented and experienced data scientists, project managers, analysts and fraud specialists that work with our clients, to construct a customized solution for their organization.



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