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Fix your data

From simple and quick data loading to masking, trimming, and cleansing your data, Absolute Insight handles your dirty data.

Target what's relevant

Build rules and query data with a simple point and click interface that automatically generates advanced SQL queries for you.

Machines can learn too

Leverage both supervised and unsupervised learning at scale with a drag and drop interface. Realize the benefits of AI without any of the code.

See it to believe it

Forget boring spreadsheets, visualize and interact with your data with a variety of dynamic charting options. Create and use dashboards that update in real-time.

Set it and forget it

Free up your human resources to pursue more creative endeavors by automating data loading, transformation, and modeling tasks.

Lock it down

Restrict data access to the right people at the right time.  Our modular design allows you to set user functionality based on each employee's role.

I've been working with neural networks and other forms of artificial intelligence since the 80s and created Absolute Insight because I realized everyone should have the ability to leverage AI. Our application empowers business users to create full data science pipelines without a single line of code.
Kleber Gallardo

Kleber Gallardo, Founder and CEO Alivia Technology

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