Absolute Insight Predictive Analytics Combats FWA

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The origins of Absolute Insight lie in the desire to identify areas of risk and fraud within Medicaid and Medicare. In order to address this problem hundreds of millions of transactions have to be analyzed on a routine basis. Far too many transactions for any sort of manual process and well beyond the capacity many of the current analytic tools. These tools would either be drowned in an ocean of data, or simply not be able to process the information in a timely manner thus rendering the results useless for the task.  Absolute Insight easily handles the issues of volume and speed and produces results in a form most beneficial to the end user whether that be Excel workbooks or any of the dozens of visualizations and formats available to the analyst. When analyzing hundreds of millions of transactions visualizations can be drowned by the data rendering them virtually useless. Absolute Insight produces meaningful, insightful, and actionable results even at a billion transactions.

The opportunity to unlock the potential in the data through analytics and shape the strategy for business through reliable factual insight rather than intuition is to fundamentally change the way decisions are made.


Absolute Insight Platform

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  • Unintrusive: browser based  with zero footprint on desktop
  • Deep Intelligence: understand why things are happening
  • Predictive Intelligence: predict what will happen next
  • Adaptive Learning: system learns and adjusts based on actual results
  • Complete Analytics Workflow: intuitive analytics processes
  • Powerful Insights: immediate productivity gains with drag and drop
  • Data Science in a Box: quickly understand the significance of the data
  • Perceptive Visualizations: articulate analysis with meaningful visualizations
  • Seamless Data Blending: quickly connect disparate data sources
  • Simplified Analytics: leverage prebuilt analytic models
  • Robust Security: be confident your data and analysis are secure


Traditional Big Data Problems ...

  • Analysts have a comfort level with Excel and do not want to move to a new tool.
  • Existing analytic tools are difficult to use. They require individuals who possess not just analytic skills, but programming and math skills as well.
  • It is difficult to scale on demand.
  • Articulating results graphics that are ill-designed for the purpose.
  • Unique processes create unique problems and existing tools lack flexibility.

... Big Data Solutions

Big Data leverages clusters of computers to tackle problems that were once reserved for the largest and most expensive mainframes. Today, thanks to the cloud computing, massive data analysis can now be leverage by organizations who have limited budgets.


Analytics Projects

Alivia is working with public and private sector enterprises by leveraging open source technologies to deliver analytical solutions. Our provide following services:

  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) of very large data sets
  • Cleansing very large data sets
  • Designing and implementing analytic routines
  • Creating reports and dashboards
  • Implementing data archival & restoration strategies for very large data sets


Machine Learning Projects

Machine learning on Big Data represents the next wave of innovation. Alivia provides consulting expertise on Apache Spark. Services include:

  • Feasibility analysis to determine if your problem is a good fit for machine learning on Apache Spark
  • Algorithm designs and evolutions
  • Algorithm implementations


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