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Alivia is an advanced technology company that focuses on leveraging and encapsulating big data, distributed computing, predictive analytics, machine learning and state of the art visualizations to provide insightful, immediate and actionable intelligence to government and business clients.

How an organization derives genuine insight from their data and changes the way they interact with customers, competitors and the market through fact-driven decision-making process is the key to enhancing the performance of an organization.The opportunity to unlock the potential in the data through analytics and shape the strategy for business through reliable factual insight rather than intuition is to fundamentally change the way decisions are made.

Alivia’s goal is that through the blending of new data architectures, distributive technologies, predictive analytics, machine learning and, cognitive intelligence it will continue to deliver a broad range of analytic solutions to our clients, whether the client needs are to assess risk within organizations, combat fraud, waste, and abuse, or to employ data to drive their business decisions.