What's Happening Now

The Big Data revolution has arrived. With data doubling every two years, companies across every industry must leverage insights from big data to stay competitive. The only question left is: what's the best way to do this?

Current Approach

Companies feel one of the only ways to stay in the game is to focus their data strategy on hiring as many data scientists as they can.


Data scientists are too expensive and scarce for the majority of the market to utilize them at scale. When companies do use data scientists they can often become a bottleneck for business users looking for immediate actionable insights to their data. Businesses need an affordable and efficient way to allow their current employees to leverage artificial intelligence.

Our Solution

Absolute Insight

Our industry agnostic product decreases the technical expertise needed to generate advanced analytical insights from big data. This method allows you to get real-time insights directly from the people that you know your business best.

Key Benefits

Data Management

  • From silos to synergy - connect and load disparate data sources from a variety of formats so everyone can finally work together in one system
  • Collaborate securely - share data between projects without having to worry about the transfer process
  • No more joins for the business user - pre-configure your schema once with our interactive Data Model and have the joins process automatically

Query, Model, and Pipeline the Process

  • Tie your own shoes - forget sending in a help desk ticket, clean and query data by yourself
  • Look mom, no code - build advanced machine-learning models at scale for supervised and unsupervised learning without a single line of code
  • Create the pipeline - automate your data flows so you never have to perform the same task twice

Visualize Results and Act on Them

  • Insight, not pictures - create aesthetic, interactive plots that bring out the gold in your data
  • Test hypotheses fast - easily configure a dashboard for quick data exploration
  • Time is of the essence - export data from within drillable charts to take action immediately


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