Risk Analystics as a Service

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The cloud is a paradigm shift with infinite computing capabilities and resources that are delivered as a service to customers using internet technologies.

The rapid emergence of cloud computing is transforming the way financial institutions and businesses think about how they consume their IT resources. Until now, technology has typically been a costly hurdle where developing customized solutions have either been unfeasible or the result has been too many failures, too many resources used and too much time wasted.

Cloud computing offers as a service on a pay-per-use basis, is  directly translate to less upfront capital expense and reduced IT overheads, offering a cost-effective, simple alternative to accessing enterprise-level IT without the associated cost.

Cloud computing has the capacity to change completely the business and financial services landscape. By making enterprise-level technologies available in the cloud now anyone anywhere can have access to modern core business systems without the cost and other barriers usually associated with this technology.


Benefits of Alivia Cloud Services

Whether you’re a startup or a mature enterprise, a web business or a government, you can’t ignore the massive disruptions that cloud computing brings to how we build, deploy, and run IT. We’ve worked closely with companies of all shapes and sizes on their IT strategy.  Here are few reasons why you should consider:

  • High costs of running in-house data centers removed.
  • New business revenue model when you sell software
  • Consumption-based pricing model offers operational agility when you need it.
  • Resources can be scaled effectively and volume can be increased according to customer demand.
  • Enterprise can become faster and more agile in creating new offerings. They don’t have to worry about finding additional computing power.
  • Shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure (CapEx to OpEx)

Alivia Cloud services

Our professional services for the Cloud address various aspects of Cloud adoption. It provides companies with business agility while reducing total cost of ownership.

Our services include:

Cloud Strategy and Adoption

Assess your 'Cloud readiness’ with Alivia cloud advisory services. Draw up a Cloud adoption roadmap, estimate Return on Investment (RoI), and define a customized business service catalogue with deployment options based on your needs. High-level definition of business service including public and private Cloud services for business needs.

Cloud Aggregation and Migration Services

Get a business services catalogue customized to your specific needs, using Alivia Cloud Aggregation services. The services include installation, customization, management, and closure. These services are ‘Cloud-enabled' and can be on-boarded to a public or private Cloud with required data migration, application migration, application remediation, and user experience services.

  • Cloud service on boarding and service customization
  • Application and data migration services
  • Application remediation services
  • Application security and vulnerability management services
  • Application and platform testing services


Cloud Applications Development

Develop native Cloud and gain competitive advantages through sustained innovation.

  • Native Cloud application architecture and design (multi-tenant, interoperable and distributed)
  • Service development (parallel, self-provisioned and self-healing)
  • Enable metering, billing and chargeback
  • Create industry-specific business services
  • Security architecture, application and data security, infrastructure, network and virtualization security
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance for business services

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