Data Analysis

Our analysts are experts in helping clients clearly and easily define and document the needs of the business. This can span from selecting off the shelf packages, integrating systems, automating existing functionality, defining a custom system, refining data required for reporting and analytics or simply documenting the business workflows for the business to easily see where they can optimize to increase profits.

System Selection

A fair number of systems are available from vendors that already have the standard functionality that financial services need. We assist our clients in matching their requirements with the vendor offerings and assist the client in selecting the best product for the business.  For larger businesses, There is usually a gap between the off the shelf technology and the business requirements. We help define the gap and close this gap with vendors.

Screen Prototyping

As we build the requirements, we simultaneously build screen prototypes that visually help our clients to easily communicate what they need for their business. As we progress in the requirements gathering process, we iteratively build the screens and refine them as we get feedback from the client.  

System Implementation 

If you already know what system you want to deploy, we can assist you in working with the vendor to successfully implement and integrate that system into your existing infrastructure. We can implement systems like OMS, Execution Gateways, Data Feeds, Reporting and Analytics systems and Record keeping systems. With over 20 years of experience deploying systems at the largest financial institutions our team has the knowledge to help make your system implementation easy.


Provide Solutions

Absolute Insight is the Alivia tool that allows the delivery of effective, efficient, and creative solutions for our client’s analytic challenges. “Absolute Insight makes every analyst your best analyst.”