Software Services For Healthcare

We are a consulting and a software development and services company, dedicated to use of predictive analytics and cognitive intelligence to solve today’s business problems. Alivia, through its product Absolute Insight, harnesses the power of distributive technologies, machine learning, and predictive analytics to address business issues and challenges faced by its clients. Specifically when the areas of risk identification, fraud detection, and visualization of data groups and patterns are important.  Our clients rely on us when they need to make strategic decisions, assess risks and identify opportunities that are locked within their data. Clients look to us for objective advice in a broad range of technology services. With a consultative approach, we assist in developing business strategies, concepts and opportunities enabling our clients to meet their goals.

Alivia Technology brings to the table, deep technical expertise and domain knowledge. This combined with Alivia’s investments in the latest technologies. This knowledge helps us better apply today’s technologies to our clients specific needs and provide for them the actionable information they need to maximize their results. Our clients fully participate in the analytics process from conception to implementation. 


Risk Identification, Human Service Regulatory Oversight, and Fraud Identification 

Several years ago Alivia branched into the domain of fraud, waste, and abuse in the medical and human service arenas. There are some similarities between the financial services industry and human services industries that made this a logical move. The sheer volume of data was one commonality, the sensitivity of data another. The need to process extremely large volumes of data, extract outliers, identify trends, isolate risk laden behaviors, as well as build and apply fraud models to data was a perfect match for the Alivia skill set. For the past several years Alivia has been working with clients to develop and implement risk identification, fraud detection, and predictive solutions for its clients. The tool that Alivia has developed for these purposes is Absolute Insight. 

lthough the original design was focused in the area of fraud and abuse it become very obvious that the adaptable nature of Absolute Insight makes it the ideal tool to manage all types of data driven projects. The clustering and predictive abilities provide clear and reliable guidance in all types of decision making. The machine learning capability does not just allow Absolute Insight to hone in on fraudulent behavior, it can turn data in any area into actionable information. It does not matter whether the data is medical, social, performance related, or environmental Absolute Insight can make it richer and more valuable.