Project Management

Alivia helps deliver your technology projects on-time and on-budget. This is done via project management methodologies that have successfully worked in many projects. We manage every step in the software devlopment life cycle. We have this methodical approach to guiding projects every step of the way from initiation to successful completion.

We help you define the goals and objectives of your project, determine the various components of the project and when they are to be completed and by whom. We define quality control checks to insure that the results meet financial services standards.

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We follow two modified methodoliges. One is the Waterfall methodology for the very large projects and the other is the Agile methodologyfor the small and fast changing requirement projects. Waterfall methodology is used where most of the requirements are well defined at the beginning of the project.

Agile is an iterative methodology for determining requirements for engineering and information technology projects in a higly flexible and interactive manner. Agile techniques are used for small projects or projects that are too complex for the customer to understand and specify before testing prototypes.