Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing are some of Alivia’s most successful services. Created to assist our engineers during various stages of development, the team is dedicated to evaluating every aspect of a project throughout the software development life cycle. We take pride in testing above and beyond predefined specifications and use cases. For every project, our QA engineers act as independent and neutral auditors. They are experienced in examining projects holistically and take pride in serving as advocates for the client and the system’s users.

We conduct manual testing by staff that understands the financial services domain. Our QA team is also capable of developing automated testing scripts across a few of the well-known testing tools.

A few of the forms of testing services available are:

Black Box testing

Manual testing that writes test plans based on the functionality of the application and performs positive testing and negative testing insuring that users will not be allowed to enter incorrect data.

White Box testing

Some of our testers understand coding and can look at the code to insure that all the cases are handled within the code even if they are never exercised in production except in emergencies. 

Integration Testing

As modules are developed trading usually requires that all the components are put together to validate that the system can properly be integrated and operates properly.

Performance Testing

We insure that the system can scale and run the system against large machines simulating large number of users to insure that the application can handle the volumes that it was designed to support.