Software Development Services

We provide management of the full software development lifecycle from initial capture of client requirements, design, prototype, development, system function testing (regression, performance, scalability, integration and security), client acceptance to final marketplace production. Our clients benefit from working with Alivia Technology's financial services experienced technical software team.

Our software development process is to show the client progress often. We have daily check point meeting with the development team to insure that the project is progressing smoothly and any questions or roadblock the development team has is cleared. This provides the customer a window into the process thereby allowing to them to be engaged during the development process guaranteeing that the resulting solution is exactly what the customer needs. We design and implement effective service architectures to efficiently integrate front-to-back system components and legacy applications.


Software Expertise:

Trading System Development

We have developed numerous trading systems across multiple asset classes such as equity, options, fixed income and foreign exchange. 

Report and Analytics development

Experience gathering data from multiple sources both structured and unstructured and generating management reports and analytics that display and track key metrics for the business.

System implementation and integration

Experience implementing trading systems and integrating them with data feeds, record keeping and accounting systems.

Developing and Migrating Legacy systems to the Cloud

Most financial services applications are still running inside the enterprise thereby utilizing a significant amount of hardware and costly human support resources with limited scalability. We build and migrate legacy applications to take advantage of the lower cost of running in the cloud, but most importantly the speed at which we can deploy business services. This cuts the time from what used to be weeks to deploy business services that require hardware and software to minutes. 

Performance Tuning and Scalability

Based upon your investment strategy, you need speed and agility to see the market events and process trades faster than the competition. Speed can provide a significant market advantage. Sppeding up your user interface to reach faster or speeding up a crossing network to process a higher volume of trades. Alivia has the experience to take what you have, refactor, replace it or modify it using state of the art components that allow you to trade at the limits of the existing technology.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

A developing business model is moving away from fixed price for services and pay by the drink. To support this model we develop solutions that allows financial services to be provided in a hosted environment in a Software as a Service model.

 Business Intelligence

Business intelligence allows you to easily and dynamically generate dashboard and report on key business performance indicators, tracking, identifying patterns and allowing you to drill down from summary to detail for your business.

 Mobile Application

Most financial professional want the information immediately no matter where they are. We build mobile applications that enable you to have key information from anywhere via the mobile devices. We have a large team of people dedication to writing code in one tool that enables you to run on iPhone, iPad, Droid, Blackberry and other popular mobile devices.

 Voice Analytics

Part of understanding the news is taking the data that is send over video and radio and alerting you when terms that you are interested in are said. Taking this information and combining it with your structured data is an area that is still in developing, but we have experienced building systems that enable this developing technology. 

 SOA Architecture

Service oriented architectures enable the encapsulation of business services and allow it to be used and reused across multiple applications. This allows enterprises to expand their capability quickly by leveraging existing services and by integrating Enterpise Service Bus (ESB) technology allow these services to quickly and dynamically be connected to multiple systems once they are connected to the service bus.

 Multiple Systems Integration and Transaction Routing

Integrating systems, tagging and tracking transactions to provide a complete status of all transactions that are across the enterprise for management and compliance reporting is a must in financial services.  Alivia has the expertise to quickly leverage and build rule based technologies that enable the enterprise to quickly configure the system to meet changing business requirements rather than waiting for technology staff to develop new solutions.