Some of the most prominent names for insurance trust Alivia Technology and Absolute Insight to deploy machine learning to their payment integrity programs and discover revenue hidden in data.

Absolute Insight by Alivia Technology is the tool that we picked based upon our requirements and we have been extremely satisfied with our decision. The Alivia team has helped bring our investigators into the future of recovery with Absolute Insight.
— Suzanne Solven, Associate VP of Audit, Investigation & Quality Assurance at Pacific Blue Cross

+ Pacific Blue Cross

While looking for a fraud detection solution, PBC realized the power of Absolute Insight's machine learning and data management prowess. They've realized extreme returns on investment in their audit office and noticed increased efficiency in operations. Recently, they deployed Absolute Insight as an enterprise solution to billing with Alivia Technology acting as consultants to ensure a smooth transition and integration.

+ Lousiana Department of Healthc

LDH required an analytics solution for their Medicaid Program Integrity team and sought Absolute Insight for it's ease of integration and simple user interface. Now able to use machine learning at scale, they enjoy advanced fraud combative features and increased productivity of investigators and auditors while reducing the cost of fraud prevention.

+ Massachusett's Office of the State Auditor Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor

Alivia Technology's first client, Massachusett's OSA, adopted the Absolute Insight platform to find gaps in revenue and marry their data network. Supplying over $354 million dollars to varying state programs and local funding, it is a priority for the OSA to find improper spending and missed savings.