Query Builder

A no-code-needed Query Builder makes it simple to leverage advanced analytics at scale. Harmonized data makes navigation intuitive and natural, leaving investigators to focus on the case resulting in greater return and vastly improved error payment recovery. This is a massive breakthrough and a transition away from legacy networks that required advanced users to navigate and report on data.

Now citizen users can enjoy the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence without requiring assistance from help desks allowing them to be more productive and effective. Simply type in keywords, select the rules and parameters to apply and run the query.


An intuitive query builder to power investigations.

A solution that finally puts intuition and natural curiosity first. Absolute Insight gives control to the investigator and streamlines workflows and efficiency.


Visual Dashboards

We think data should be easy to understand. That’s why Absolute Insight makes it possible to see what’s hidden in data by giving an aerial view of an enterprise’s information network. By harmonizing data prior to analyzing it, payment integrity teams get consumable advanced insights that are easy to leverage and easier to understand. Drill down and create custom dashboards that revolutionize payment integrity efforts.

By seeing the entire picture instead of just a snippet of information, Absolute Insight gives teams the tools to investigate with curiosity and confidence in a natural environment that leverages big data.

Find exactly what you're looking for.

Control what you see and how you see it with custom dashboards and advanced drill-down and sort fields.

With advanced options for displaying data and creating dashboards, investigators have unlimted flexibility to generate visual results that fit the needs of the case.