Machine learning used to improve healthcare payment integrity.

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This is what make us different: we pair healthcare specific insights driven by our proprietary algorithms and machine learning with self service data analytics to create revolutionary solutions for fraud and error.

This makes it possible for everyone to leverage machine learning and big data in a flexible and scalable environment. Absolute Insight creates a solution that encourages curiosity and in-depth understanding of complex information. This is a monumental shift in full team data access, allowing a revolutionary approach to fraud and error payment recovery since entire teams can be productive and proactive in their investigations. Not only that, but it makes it possible with visual dashboards and user accessible features that let wonder get the better of us.

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Discover revenue by discovering fraud. 

Fraud in healthcare constantly slips through the cracks of data analysis because traditional systems can only handle small subsets of data models. This costs organizations at least $300 billion in human resources, spending and overpayments and they are still left with an inefficient solution to fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare. 

Until Absolute Insight

Absolute Insight gives you a bird's eye view of your enterprise's data in an interactive dashboard. Through its unique data mining, machine learning and analysis procedure, it closes the gaps left in data by traditional analysis systems and creates a comprehensive data network to expose fraud threats and cases. 

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