Private Insurers

Discover improper payments in healthcare with with machine learning and predictive analytics.


Absolute Insight makes data intellectually affordable so anyone can leverage it to solve billing problems, reduce fraud and increase revenue for enterprises of any scale. By gathering and curating enterprise data from warehouses, Absolute Insight becomes a platform that displays specific cases of fraud and encourages in-depth investigation. Absolute Insight makes citizen users super users and becomes the most important tool in fraud investigation.

This directly translates into revenue for insurers, being able to track, manage, investigate and report more effectively

We understand healthcare billing is complex so we partnered with leading healthcare professionals and employee top premier healthcare data scientists to craft the single solution to all your billing and revenue management problems. By doing so, we've created a comprehensive solution to data management and fraud investigation.

When you can understand your data, you can understand your business better. Begin utilizing machine learning to operate more efficiently and gain a new perspective to operations.


Reduce Cost

Understand data and reduce the financial burden of health care for everyone.

Flex and Scale

Build the solution that fits your needs and grows with your company.

Detect and Prevent

Find outliers and discrepencies quickly to avoid pay-and-chase.


Data Navigation


Make data make sense.

Find your way through data with Absolute Insight. Legacy systems are a collection of folders and drop downs. Absolute Insight migrates data into sortable fields and agile topics, creating a linear search process with all case details presented at the same time. Instead of hunting and pecking, adopt an aerial view and pinpoint the exact information you need.


Specific Results


The road map of improper payments.

With proprietary algorithms and extensive medical expertise, Alivia powers Absolute Insight to be comprehensive approach to discovering, recovering and preventing improper payments and attempts at fraud. This means, in addition to a super powerful dashboard, Absolute Insight identifies specific cases that are a result of machine learning and predictive analytics.


Query Builder

Can’t code? Don’t worry.

With Absolute Insight, not only can you navigate data like a pro, you can also create your own queries. Using drop down menus and keywords, ask follow up questions without losing your train of thought. All without a single line of code.