Public Insurers

Comply with healthcare regulations and detect error payments with machine learning.


Public payers in healthcare face unique challenges in regulation compliance and program integrity. Absolute Insight offers a scalable and efficient solution to these problems, making it possible for payers to enjoy greater return on investments by reducing human resource need and easier program management. Harmonizing, analyzing and visualizing data makes the power of machine learning accessible for all data users while proprietary algorithms detect high risk cases and an intuitive dashboard simplifies collaborative investigation.


User Intuitive Features

A cornerstone of the Absolute Insight experience is the confidence inspiring data navigation it offers investigators. By cleaning and harmonizing data, fields are consistent and easily consumable. Combine a “no-code necessary” query builder and Absolute Insight quickly becomes a superpower in detecting and recovering improper payments.

Machine Learning

By employing machine learning and proprietary algorithms developed by our data scientists, Absolute Insight identifies claims that are high risk. These are displayed on the dashboard and then follow up investigation is made easy with the intuitive Query Builder and Work Flow Manager.

Advanced Automations

Create models and investigations with Absolute Insight faster than ever before. Citizen users can navigate and extract value from data on par with advanced users thanks to built in dashboard features that brings new value to data. With advanced scheduling capabilities, machine learning results become repeatable in a code free environment to generate improved workflows while saving time and resources to combat fraud.


Discover how machine learning can power payment integrity and curiosity to make informed business decisions.


+ Improve Compliance

Absolute Insight's advanced capabilites detect errors in claims even with ever-changing billing regulations and codes. By doing this, public insurers are able to provide better care by reducing the amount of effort required for managing claims and compliance.

+ Find Fraud

Detect and prevent fraud with proprietary algorithms and user friendly dashboards that empower users to make confident data driven decisions. With machine learning, expect improved results that are ranked based on a risk score so teams can assess and prioritize cases to pursue.

+ Audit Protection

Stay ahead of the audit curve with Absolute Insight's proactive approach to compliance. With advanced algorithms and medical expertise you can avoid hefty fines and the hassles and uncertainty of audits. By understanding what's coming, teams can ensure the best allocation of resources and less margin of error if audited.