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Improper payments create a growing deficit that continue to increase the cost of providing healthcare. Traditional pay and chase is inefficient, resulting in mismanaged resources and operations.

The solution: Absolute Insight, a dashboard powered by machine learning that can provide greater clarity and user-intuitive exploration. By cleaning, aligning and organizing data, Absolute Insight provides a comprehensive, powerful solution to payment integrity.

Cut the line.

Absolute Insight gives you the power of big data at your fingertips. Gone are the days of filling out help desk tickets and waiting for data researchers to find the answers investigators are looking for.

Now, investigators can navigate and explore data with ease and confidence to find the information they need.


Discover machine learning.


+ Organize Data

As data continues to grow, it's critical to keep it organized and accessible to everyone in the enterprise. Alivia takes care to understand your business needs and give you access to your data when you need it by organizing and mining it neatly and efficiently to leverage the most value from it.

+ Analyze Data

Using our proprietary algorithms, Alivia analyzes full data sets, reducing the gaps that exist as a result of traditional systems. Thanks to medical and technical expertise, we're able to provide results that would otherwise be impossible to generate.

+ Visualize Results

Consume the results of data networking, machine learning and our proprietary algorithms through a simple, user navigated visual dashboard, > Absolute Insight.> Code free query builders lets citizen users drive results that rival data scientists and increases the power and scope of your business decisions.

+ Clean It

Cleaning data harmonizes it, or organzies and matches elements even in different syntaxes to ensure consistency. This is the foundation to creating visual and accurate dashboards.

+ Rule It

Work in real time to generate the results you need from your data. Target, explore and manage specific data through a simple point and click interface.

+ Learn It

Machine learning paired with our proprietary algorithms creates infinite possibilities of growth and development that can easily scale with your business.

+ See It

Absolute Insight brings data to life through a user-navigated interface. Display specific cases identified by our proprietary algorithms or make the investigation your own by exploring data with confidence and control. No more drop down menus and hundreds of unorganized folders. Harmonized data becomes linear and investigation becomes easy.

+ Automate It

Schedule systems to run algorithms and process without any user initiation. Fully customizable so you always have the information on hand when you need it.

+ Protect It

As data grows, security becomes more important. In an age of cyber crime, it's imperative to be assured that your most valuable asset is well protected. That's why our comprehensive security suite is sure to keep you protected.

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