Who We Are

The Facts

  • Over $200M in identified savings
  • Over 30 years healthcare experience
  • 20 years revenue management
  • SHI International authorized reseller

Alivia Technology is the product of cutting edge program development, forward thinking data solutions and a dedication to reducing the cost of healthcare.

We launched Absolute Insight in 2016 to empower business users in the healthcare sector, where our clients have used it to alleviate the opioid crisis, curb waste in the healthcare system, and target fraudulent entities. As an industry agnostic platform, we've began to expand our service across other verticals, fulfilling our mission to become the global gateway for business users to leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence at scale.

With a deep understanding of your company's pain points and a platform that makes advanced analytics truly easy, your business users can create data-driven actionable insights and automated pipelines. As data continues to double every two years, this solution is necessary across all industries. Make your data your best asset, and empower your employees with computational resources and algorithms to free them up to pursue more creative work.

Overpayments in healthcare creates a growing deficit that continues to increase the cost medicine. Traditional pay and chase is inefficient and the results are mismanaged resources and operations. The solution: Absolute Insight, a dashboard powered by machine learning that can provide greater clarity and user-intuitive exploration.
— Kleber Gallardo, Founder & CEO